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Average Market Residential Rehab Costs

Recent studies and figures suggest that prices range regarding the package selected.

According to recent figures some residential Rehab Costs can range from up to £30,000 per week, depending on the selected package to the lower end fee of up to £8,995 per week.

NHS Costs are based on regional authority and are usually in line with standard packages. Prices average around £3,500 per week.

Across the board the average price of a week’s stay in private residential rehab depends on the service provider and the individual package selected. Therefore, for low-cost basic private rehab will charge from £1,700 per week to £4,200 per week. On the other hand, high end rehab residential rehab will cost on average between £5,995 to £30,000 per week.

Home Counselling Price Ideas

The price will be decided with the client
when discussing the treatment plan

The Warm cannot provide a static or fixed price range as the whole business model is focused on individual clients needs and other logistical issue. For example, treatment plans are costed on and incorporate the following.

Travel costs: Including flights, all modes of other transport including train and bus fares and taxis when and if required.

Hotel costs: Including all hotel stays during the full length of treatment as well as travelling time.

Board costs: Including all meals and other costs.

Therapeutic materials: Including all handouts, pamphlets and other therapeutic materials provided.

Therefore at best the average cost of any given treatment at the Warm is based on locality and length of treatment. For example, based on the above criteria, a four-week therapy plan for a client in London would cost approximately £12,000. In comparison with todays best figures, a similar therapy plan at one of the above facilities would cost the client on average £35,980 to £23,980 at the high end. On the low end it would cost the client on average £12,800 to £6,800.

This does not include the client having to pay for travel costs and hotel charges. The client would also require to pay for board and cost. Ultimately the price will be decided with the client when discussing the treatment plan and length of therapy.