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Treatment for addictions in the privacy of your own home

Will travel to any location to fit around you

A specialist therapist with personal experience of drug and alcohol addiction

Tailor-made treatment programs specifically designed for you, your lifestyle, and your needs.

One-on-one sessions

Post Rehab Support and Relapse Prevention

Free initial 20 minute "Meet and Greet" video call

Affordable rehab, From £40/hr plus travel expenses

Fully qualified to treat an array of addictive behaviours and DSM5 personality disorders

Adheres to NICE guidelines (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

Accredited Member of IC & RC


All About William Allan


Accredited Member of IC & RC

Psychotherapist, Specialist Therapist, Counsellor, and independent consultant

I am William, a Psychotherapist, Specialist Therapist, Counsellor, and independent consultant specialising in deep healing work. I am trained, certified, insured and qualified in all aspects of mental health and DSM5 personality disorders and addiction and am a Registered International Accredited Accredited Member of IC & RC.

#Addiction Counselling

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Master’s Degree Level BACP Accredited Course

University of Glasgow: MSc master’s degree: Addiction Studies and Psychology (STRADA)

University of the West of Scotland: School of Social Sciences: BA Bachelor’s Degree: (Honours with distinction) Criminal Justice & Psychology

University of the West of Scotland: Certificate of Higher Education Psychology & Drug & Alcohol studies and Social Science (August 2008-May 2010)

Motherwell Collage: HNC Social Care and Counselling and Degree level 9 standard qualifications:
Level 9: Introduction to Psychology
Level 9: Clinical Psychology and Mental Health
Level 7: Mental Health First Aid Certificate


William Alan

Decades of experience as a specialist therapist and psychotherapist

I have decades of experience working as a counsellor, lecturer, specialist therapist and Psychotherapist in innumerable mental health and social care settings, including residential rehabilitation centres.

I also provide voluntary services to many charities and self-help organisations whenever possible, e.g. Women’s Aid Scotland and AMIS, Abused Men in Scotland.

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William offers therapy designed specifically for the individual

I’ve been on the road for over 10 years now travelling to clients across the globe. I am a great advocate of completing rehabilitation in your own environment, if possible, as relapse is less likely. At least 73 % of our clients who engage with therapy services go on to achieve their goals.

I love what I do and feel honoured and privileged to have worked alongside thousands of individuals whilst they bravely overcome and free themselves from addition and get their lives and relationships back on track.

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Starting counselling or psychotherapy

I have decades of experience working as a counsellor, lecturer, specialist therapist and Psychotherapist in innumerable mental health and social care settings; I have worked with Women’s Aid Scotland and AMIS Abused Men in Scotland. I consult with clients all around the world from my private practice.

Employment History

I have worked in Australia, Dubai, Canada, USA, The Netherlands and the UK.

August 2020-Present
International Accredited Specialist Counsellor/Psychotherapist
The Warm Counselling and Psychotherapy Services – United Kingdom and International.

June 2020-January 2023.
Specialist Psychotherapist & Counsellor
First Psychology Scotland- Self-employed

March 2016-August 2020.
Specialist Therapist/Lead Therapist
Castle Craig Hospital Limited- Full-time

May 2015-March 2016.
Senior Specialist Therapist
The Alexander Clinic-Full-time

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I consider that everyone could benefit from working with William at the Warm to help the process of getting clarity over critical aspects of your past, your present and your unwritten future. The process that he uses is very powerful and the support he offers is both unique and priceless. Some of the many benefits from my perspective : being able to assess my own behaviour and habits and those of people close to me and to be able make fundamental changes in habits, approaches and boundaries to ensure different outcomes that are more in line with my aspirations and goals. Take control of my future and obtain a healthy sense on the past to allow acceptance and personal responsibility and ultimately embrace the future with much more clarity and self-confidence.

Amanda (Dubai)

I have been working with William and the Warm for some time now I can finally see a life where I can be happy and content again. I believe due to his vast experience and the ability to not look at problems via simply black and white he can identify exactly how to help and enter into the grey areas to clearly allow you to see everything again. An absolute blessing to be working with William and able to get my life back and it feels good! I would strongly recommend William to anyone!

George (Kensington)

William is simply outstanding end of. I was very sceptical at first when I heard that I could get the same treatment and therapy for my addiction and mental health issues without going into rehab or residential care. Boy was I in for a shock, it was much better and a more pleasant experience. I know it is not about finance, however I saved over £50,000 working with William over a 6-month period and was able to continue with my professional family and private life without necessarily interrupting my life to go into treatment. The treatment came to me.

Nick (Edinburgh)

William and the Warm saved my son’s life. Gareth was a wonderful child, however developed problems during boarding school. This developed into mental health issues and addiction. I cannot be grateful enough or express my sincere thanks to William for what he has done for my son and family and I would recommend William to anyone.

Eleanor (Norwich)

I first met William when I entered rehab for addiction. He was an outstanding specialist therapist and very popular with everyone due to his incredible skill set and knowledge. William is incredibly empathetic, compassionate, and understanding. When I left treatment, I relapsed. I had a decent therapist; however, they did not provide me with the necessary tools that I needed for living life on life’s terms.

I was also in a controlled environment and when I went home, I was not prepared. I contacted William and he arranged and designed a therapy treatment plan for me, and the rest is history. On writing this, I am now 3 years clean and sober and have been promoted to executive director at the company I work for. The best part, I have my son back in my life and my family.

Oliver (Amsterdam)